Changing Permissions on Existing SharePoint Groups

Posted: October 1, 2012 in User Management
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It seems like this capability ought to be accessible from within Site Settings>People and Groups, but it isn’t.

Instead, go to Site Permissions, select the group to be modified, then select Edit Permissions on the ribbon. From this dialog, you can modify the Permission Levels(s), including any custom Permission Levels that are defined.

In general, make your permission changes at the top level of the site collection. If you have broken inheritance in a sub-site, it will be necessary to “unbreak” inheritance and then break it again in order for your changes to be applied at the sub-site level.

From this same page, the individual grants that make up a Permission Level (standard or custom) can be edited. Click Permission Levels on the ribbon, and a list of all available Permission Levels will be displayed as links.

Click the link for the Permission Level to be changed, click Add a Permission Level to define a new entry, or check an entry and choose Delete Selected Permission Levels to delete it. It’s probably a bad idea to delete any of the pre-defined Permissions Levels.

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