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I’ve recently set up an Azure Recovery Service to backup some user-generated content from a web application that is hosted in our data center. My backup scenario is very simple; I am backing up nightly (for disaster recovery purposes only) the content in file system folders which are the destination for documents uploaded by users.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the setup was, and the scheduling and performance was straightforward and fast, respectively. I don’t have any other options for offsite backup (only elsewhere in the same data center), so Azure Recovery really seemed to meet my needs with little effort required by me. The only issue that I found confusing, and which has taken some time and experimentation to work through, was configuring the backup retention settings. (more…)

Miscellaneous resources to get started:

Tutorial for setting up Azure as a backup location.

Deleting backup BLOB files with stale leases. This seems to happen when backups are restored, afterwards they possibly cannot be deleted. Includes PowerShell script to release leases, allowing deletion of the files.

Running backup scripts programmatically, for instance via Task Scheduler. From the Best Practices Guidelines, selected login must have the grant to “Alter any credential” in the target database, otherwise they will receive a message stating “Credential name does not exist or user does not have permission to access it”. Apparently, it is not necessary to map the credential to the login, only that they have the grant.

Here is a link to an article about managing IIS 7/8 configuration backups.

Here is one regarding “Best Practices”.