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I have a Kendo UI grid with a variety of columns, including one that displays a calculated value for “Days Until Travel”, which is always an integer result.

One particularly thorough tester noted that when using the grid’s built-in numeric textbox filter, entered values were being displayed as decimal values, rather than integers, although the filtering was still working correctly.

This issue was not ranked as a “show stopper”, and I finally got around to looking into it today. A judicious search term brought me to this post in the Telerik forums that describes exactly how to customize the display of the filter for integer display, much to my surprise.

Like most grid customizations, the solution involves overriding the default behavior with a little bit of JavaScript, using the previously unknown (to me) UI extension to define a function that specifies a number format with zero decimal places. See the link above for the details.

Query and filter options for working with SharePoint 2010 REST API.

Scroll down the page to Tables 1 and 2 for a summary.

I’m looking into querying a site’s default WorkflowHistory list to build a simple display/filtering mechanism, rather than creating a custom view and turning users loose on that. There are a lot of fields available in this list, and some of their usage wasn’t completely obvious by name. Here are a few definitions (adapted from this site, thanks ceci): (more…)

Recently I learned of a simple technique for passing messages between Silverlight Web Parts, and have been using this capability to extend some applications by adding filtering capability.  In my case I am using messaging to implement a data-bound Silverlight filter that will be a data provider to several subscribers in the same page, in this case Silverlight chart applications. The charts and the filter use SharePoint List data as their data source. I first read of this capability here.

Update: 4-5-2013: This does not seem to work in Chrome or Firefox